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What is Cancer?

By: Alvaro Maldonado   The Seattle Cancer Care Alliance defines cancer as the growth of abnormal cells that goes unchecked. Cells normally as they divide forming new cells, the old cells die. Abnormal cells are formed when the old cells, instead of dying, keep...

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Cannabis Cured My Cancer

By: Aaron Stone After doing research and finding peer reviewed studies demonstrating the power of marijuana. As a scientist Dennis needed proof that marijuana has medical value. Other than causing drowsiness, marijuana has no side effects. Using the medication at...

Cannabis, Cancer, and Dosage Amount w/ Mara Gordon

By: Green Flower Media Studies revealed that CBD oils help with pain,fatigue,nausea,and inhibits cancer cell growth. Blue label is meant for patients with anxiety and depression. Gold label which has the highest concentration of CBD helps with cancer and autoimmune...